How to Minimize Distractions

No matter what you do, distractions will always pop up and interrupt your day. You can however work to minimize you how much distractions impact your day. Explore the resources in this path to find out how you can minimize distractions and increase your productivity.

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    Workplace Distractions: Here's Why You Won't Finish This Article

    This Wall Street Journal article sums it up perfectly how people are having difficulty avoiding distractions and focusing. Take a few minutes and read it, you will most likely be able to relate to it.

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    Distractions at Work

    This article will give you an idea of the problems that are being faced in the workplace. Employees are having difficulty staying focused and companies are struggling to help employees stay focused.

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    10 Unconventional Habits to Live Distraction-Less

    There is no better way to jump-start minimizing distractions than to read up on a few ways you can reduce them. Read through these ten habits that you can try getting in to the habit of doing in order to have less distractions.

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    Minimize 7 Common Distractions to Increase Productivity

    There are several distractions that are the same for everyone. These tips will help you prevents common distractions for infringing on your day.

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    How to Minimize On-Screen Distractions and Train Yourself to Focus on Your Work

    If you work in an office it is likely that many of your distractions come from a computer screen. These strategies will help you get your computer clutter and distractions under control so that your computer will help you be productive instead of causing distractions.

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