How to register for classes at St. Bonaventure University

The following information will allow you to successful get registered for classes.

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    The First Part of the Process

     Welcome to Online Registration at St. Bonaventure University-Requirements for online registration:    
    1. You must have a SBU outlook student email account. 

    2. You must meet with your advisor and receive approval for registration.    
    3. You cannot register prior to your assigned date and time. 
    4. You must not have had a hold placed on your account from the following offices: 
    - Business Office 
       - Registrar’s Office     - Graduate Office    
     - Health Services 
      -Parking/Security    -Bursars Office    -Financial Aid  
    5. You can check your status by clicking the Registration Information link on your page which can be found under Student Links, Records Office Services as well as Registration Information.

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    Step 1: Login and get to the registration page

    &nbsp; <ol> <li>Login to the <a href="" target="" rel=""></a> web portal using your network login and password.&nbsp;</li> <li>Click on Student under the menu on the left side of the page</li> <li>Click on Register for Classes under Records Office Services</li> <li>The following screen will appear:</li> </ol>

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    <b>Help for Online Registration</b><br><ul> <li>This provides a list of detailed instruction for how to search, register and drop classes. &nbsp;</li></ul><b>Registration Information &nbsp; &nbsp;</b> <span><b></b><br></span> <ul> <li>Click on this to find out when your registration time is</li> <li>This will also&nbsp;notify you of any holds you have on your account that may prevent you from registering for classes</li> <li>Provides your advisor's name and e-mail</li></ul><b>Search and Register&nbsp;</b> <ul> <li>This process allows you to search for classes that you need to register for.&nbsp;</li> <li>Go to Section 1 for further directions&nbsp;</li> </ul><b>Register and Drop &nbsp;</b> <span><b>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;</b> &nbsp; <br>•&nbsp;This process allows you to register for the classes you have previously searched for or drop classes (except for incoming freshmen) that you have already registered for. &nbsp;</span> <span><span>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<br>• Go to </span>Section 2 for further directions&nbsp;</span><div><br></div>

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    Continued: Step 7

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    Continued: Step 8

    This is the screen that will appear when you have selected all of your classes and are ready to register.<br><br>The action menu on the left should be left blank and the main drop down menu should read register all. &nbsp;The only time you would use the left sidebars is if you were only registering for one class or dropping several classes for the list.&nbsp;

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    Getting Close: Are you successful? Steps 9-11

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    Close! Registration Almost Completed Steps: 13-14

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    Finally! Done

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    But I Still Have a Problem

    17. If the process doesn't complete successfully, you will be returned to the Preferred Section screen with an error message at the top.&nbsp; <span>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <br>• The most common reason for an unsuccessful registration is due to not</span><span>&nbsp;registering for a co-requisite that is required for a course that you are&nbsp;registering for. <br><br>It is <b>important</b> that if a course has a co-requisite that you&nbsp;register for at the same time that you are registering for the course.&nbsp;</span> <span>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <br>• <b>Registration will fail if pre-requisites are not met.&nbsp;</b></span><b> </b><span><b>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; </b><br><b>• If you have registration holds&nbsp;</b></span><b> </b><span><b> &nbsp; </b><br><b>• You do not have advisor approval&nbsp;</b></span><b> </b><span><b>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; </b><br><b>• Your time for registration&nbsp;hasn't&nbsp;passed yet</b></span><b> </b><span><b>&nbsp;&nbsp; </b><br><b>• Time conflicts for selected courses</b></span><b> </b><span><b> &nbsp; </b><br><b>• The class has zero availability&nbsp;</b></span><b> </b><br><span><br>18. If you are unable to register due to of one of the above reasons – Please take care of the issue with the appropriate office/faculty. You will then be able to return to <u></u> and complete your online registration by clicking Register and Drop. &nbsp;</span><div><br></div>

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