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    SPIN selling summary

    Stop Fumbling & Start Making Sales SPIN Selling, a great model, was the brainchild of Neil Rackham who authored a book of the same name in 1988. SPIN Selling is based on extensive research by Rackham and his company, Huthwaite. They examined large, complicated sales scenarios.

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    Eight Steps to Zero-Resistance Selling

    <span>When people use the term “Zero-Resistance” in relation to sales and selling they usually mean reducing the buyer’s resistance to produce a sale. However, the main obstacle to sales success is ourselves and the Zero-Resistance here refers to reducing our resistance to becoming successful, whether that is overcoming call resistance, or unconsciously resisting our conscious efforts to become successful. Maxwell Maltz is credited with developing the idea of the “Self Image”, which is how we see ourselves and can make the difference between success and failure in life. In his book “<a href="" target="_blank" rel="">Zero Resistance Selling</a>”, (link to Amazon) he comes up with eight steps to Zero-Resistance Selling. Here are the eight steps and our take on them.</span><div><br></div>

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    How to Sell More, At Higher Prices, and Keep Customers Coming Back

    Got a product or service to sell? Then you probably already know that blogging is one of the smartest ways to get sales online... ...But what else can you do? How can you increase online sales, sell more at higher prices, and keep customers buying your stuff?

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    3 steps to selling more

    If you're selling products and services, chances are you want to sell more of it. (Who doesn't?) That's why I want to share a quick little story about how two companies convinced me to replace my entire wardrobe last year. And what's funny is, I HATE shopping.

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    Why people don't buy what you sell

    Here's the truth: There are TOO many people who think their products will sell themselves. They think, "if I just create something that's GREAT, the rest of it will fall into place." Wrong. When you're in business, it's up to you to persuade people to buy what you're selling.

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    How to sell more (Ramit Sethi)

    I just recorded a video with my friend Marie Forleo on how to sell more, and it's not the same old stuff you hear. In the video, I share some blunt advice about how to go much deeper into your customers' minds.

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