How to Sell Your Art Online

Some tips, strategies and tools you can use to sell your artwork online. There a quite a few really high quality resources on the subject. I've organized them here.

  1. Podcast: How to Make a Living Selling Your Artwork Online

    Definitely worth listening to! Click through to the page, and you can start listening to it.This is a podcast done by Pat Flynn of Smart ...

  2. 15 Ways to Sell Your Art Online

    Here are 15 great ways to get that canvas, video, book or other piece of art out the door using the web.

  3. The artist's business model

    A short video on getting your business started as an artist. The three tips she shares are 1) Build a reputation (struggle in anonymity) ...

  4. Paul Klein on How to Succeed as an Artist

    Success as an artist can be defined in multiple ways. The speaker goes through some selling tips, as well as simple business advice on ma...

  5. How to Make $1000 in Art Sales Per Month

    This is an interview with Michael Whitlark on how he started his art business making $0 and turned it into a way to bring in a legitimate...

  6. What Makes a Good Artist Website? Some Insight

    This is a video going through some simple tactics you need to portray through your website as an artist.

  7. How to Sell Your Art Before Its Done

    This is a live Google Hangout where the presenter is answering questions and giving some advice on selling artwork before it's done. Gett...

  8. Selling Your Art Before It's Done Discussion - Another Discussion

    Another discussion on building momentum for your artwork.

  9. Why Sharing Your Art is the Key to Online Success

    An outstanding article written on the Abundant Artist blog. The article goes into detail about why sharing is important and how to best s...

  10. On being picky about who buys my art

    An interesting video on why Gwenn Seemel rejects some potential customers.

  11. 2 reasons why people buy art

    According to Gwenn Seemel, the best way to understand why people buy art.

  12. How Art Consultants Can Help You Grow Your Art Business

    An article written on the Abundant Artist blog about how hiring consultants might be a great idea for your art business.

  13. 10 Strategies to Improve Your Art Sales

    An article written on the Abundant Artist blog about improving the sales of your artwork. The article specifically goes through 10 strate...

  14. How to Build An Art Business While Working a Day Job

    Chances are, if you're just starting out, you have another job outside of creating your artwork. These are some tips on how to get your b...

  15. How Paula Manning Lewis Sold 30000 Pieces of Art

    An awesome case study on Paula Manning Lewis and how she sold thousands of pieces of art.

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