How to Send an Email With ToutApp

Tout is outstanding for sending, tracking, and managing outreach emails. This is the process you'll go through from signing in to sending an email. You can email one person or select multiple people.

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    Choose a template and send the email!

    Simply choose a template that you want to use, make sure that the proper name is selected you want to send from, and send it along!

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    You Can Select Multiple People to Email

    You can select multiple people to email, or groups. Once you have chosen who you want to email, click "email selected". 

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    Prompt for an individual person

    If you select an individual person, this is the prompt that will appear. Click "message" to email them. 

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    Log into Toutapp and Click on Relationships

    This is what you'll see as soon as you log into (assuming you have a username and password). This page is subject to change (base on announcements, etc.).<br><br>Once your on the page, click on relationships to find people you're emailing.&nbsp;

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    Select a Single Person, Multiple People, or an Entire Group to Email

    Choose who you want to email here by selecting them. On the left side you have the option to choose an entire group. Once you click inside of that group, you can select individual members of that group to email.&nbsp;<br><br>You can also select individuals or multiple people without clicking inside of the group.&nbsp;

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