How to Set up and Use Azendoo

Azendoo is a comprehensive project management tool that allows you to maintain a calendar and share tasks. It's of the more complete packages in terms of a collaborative tool.

  1. Sign up for Azendoo

    Azendoo is a Teamwork Application. Organize your tasks, plan your projects, share your documents and sync with your team, without email. ...

  2. Pricing for Azendoo

    Azendoo can be used for free by one person. It does have two upgraded versions, one for $5/month and one for $9/month.

  3. A Full Demo on Setting up and Using Azendoo

    This is a complete demonstration that walks you through the entire process of setting up and beginning to use the project management tool...

  4. An Overview of Azendoo

    This is simply an overview of using and setting up the application.

  5. How to Use Workspaces in Azendoo

    This video explains how to get your team organized and in sync with workspaces using Azendoo.

  6. How to Set up and Use Tasks in Azendoo

    This video is a demonstration of using the Tasks feature in Azendoo.

  7. How to Use Subjects in Azendoo

    This video explains how to use Subjects to stay organized in Azendoo.

  8. Follow a Task in Azendoo

    Subscribing and Adding your co-workers to Tasks is a great way to stay in sync with your teammates. Just click on the Subscribe or Add bu...

  9. Privacy Setings in Azendoo

    Here are the new ways that Azendoo lets you choose who can see the information that you're sharing with your team members.

  10. How to Sync Google Drive with Azendoo

    With the Azendoo collaborative platform, you can now work as a team and exchange all of your documents using Google Drive. Share your Goo...

  11. How to Sync Box and Azendoo

    Box is about the same thing as Dropbox. You can sync it with Azendoo, as well. This video will show you how to link your Box and Azendoo ...

  12. Using Skype in Azendoo - Tutorial

    Azendoo and Skype have teamed up to get you connected with your coworkers even faster. Here's how to connect and use Skype in your Azendo...

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