How to Set Up Google Analytics for a WordPress site

This is a guide on how to set up Google Analytics in your WordPress. Google Analytics will provide you with your website’s traffic stats and this information will help you get to know more about your audience. How well you know your audience plays an important role in making your website successful. So let’s get on with the steps of installing Google Analytics in your WordPress site or blog.

  1. Sign Up for a Google Analytics Account

    Important Note: This guide is meant for websites using and NOT To sign up for Google Analytics, simply g...

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  2. Provide Your Website Information

    You will then be asked for your website information. The fields you need to fill out are very easy to understand. First field is for ...

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  3. Enter Your Contact Details

    Simply fill in the fields. Type in your last name Type in your first nameClick on the drop down arrow to select your country or ter...

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  4. Agree to the Terms of Google Analytics

    You will need to agree to the terms of Google Analytics to start using it.

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  5. Copy the Code

    After agreeing to the terms of Google Analytics, you will then be provided with the code you need to paste in your website. This code is...

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  6. Installing Google Analytics in WordPress: Via Direct Paste

    To install Google Analytics in your WordPress website, open your footer.php file and simply copy the code you just received and paste i...

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  7. Installing Google Analytics in WordPress: Via Plugins

    To install Google Analytics using a plugin, simply paste your Google Analytic code in the plugins setting page. You have plenty of choic...

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  8. Click Save and Finish/Check Your Site’s Analytics Overview

    After you have finished installing Google Analytics in your site, go back to the screen where you got the code. Hope you kept it open a...

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  9. You're Done!

    Congratulations! You have just added Google Analytics into your WordPress site. If you know other ways to install Google Analytics in aWo...

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