How to Shoot Video with a DSLR

Included are some training exercises and videos to learn how to properly shoot video for the web with a DSLR camera. I'm using a Canon Rebel T4i, but this will work with basically any DSLR.

  1. Best DSLR Video Settings For Canon Cameras

    A run-down of the best video settings for a Canon DSLR camera set-up before you shoot video.

  2. How To Make A Brilliant Film - We Are What We Do

    A short video on the basics steps of filming great web video.

  3. 6 Things To Check Before Hitting the Movie Record Button On Your DSLR

    Another tutorial by Dave Dugdaleon what to check before you start recording with your camera.

  4. How To Get the Film Look on DSLR Video

    How to get your DSLR film to look more professional and feature film quality!

  5. 17 People All DSLR Video Beginners Should be Following

    Experts in the DSLR field that you should be following and learning from.

  6. Setting up your DSLR for Shooting Video

    How to get everything set up to prepare for shooting video.

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