How To Sign Documents Electronically

These days almost everything is going electronic, even signatures. How do you sign documents electronically? One way to do it is by using Adobe Reader X. Here's a step by step guide

  1. Open PDF File

    From your computer, open your PDF file. Once it opens click on the "Sign" tab found at the top right part of your screen. If you don't ha...

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  2. Place Signature

    Click on "Place Signature" tab. Grab a piece of white paper and write your signature using black ink.

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  3. Choose a Signature Option

    A new screen will pop up. You will see "Choose a signature option" on the top left of your screen.Click on the dropdown arrow and choose ...

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  4. Capture Signature

    Hold the piece of paper with your signature written on black ink in front of your web cam. See to it that your signature rests properly o...

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  5. Drag Signature

    Simply drag your signature in its proper place.

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  6. Proceed to Send

    Once you have placed your signature in its proper place click on "Signed. Proceed to Send" tab.

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  7. Send Your E-Signature Via Email, Fax or Save a Copy

    Now that you have placed your signature on the document, choose what you want to do next. You can choose one of the following optionsSend...

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