How to Sign Up for Bluehost

This toolset will walk you through the steps to sign up for a Bluehost account. Follow these steps if your looking to create your own Bluehost account.

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    Go to Bluehost

    First, head to Bluehost by clicking <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">here</a>&nbsp;to get your account created.<br><br>Once you get to the Bluehost wesite, you will see a green "Sign Up Now" button. &nbsp;The arrow will show you where that is in the screen shot. &nbsp;Click that to get started.

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    Enter your desired domain name

    After you’ve clicked on the “sign up now” button on the front page, you’ll be taken to the next screen where you have to enter your domain, as shown below.<br><br>By this point, you should know the domain name that you want to use, and you should have made sure that it is available. If your domain is not available, you will be alerted after this step. Go ahead and enter your domain name in the box where the red arrow is pointing. Remember to make sure the .com box is showing if you want a .com. If not, adjust this accordingly.<br><span><br>When you’re finished, click the blue box that says “next”.</span>

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    Fill out your account information

    Once you’ve clicked the “next” button on the previous page, you will be taken to the form below where you can enter your account information. Just fill out everything that’s necessary. Don’t leave anything with a * next to it blank.

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    Fill out our package information

    <span>Set up all the information below as you wish. You can either go with a 12, 24 or 36 month plan. It depends how long you’re planning to have your site up. The more months you dedicate your payment to, the lower your price will be. It’s your call, but your not planning on having your website for just a year, right? We’d go for at least the two year plan.<br><br></span>Make sure you check your credit card information and agree to the terms of service.<br><br>We’ll explain a few things about the information – just so you’re clear with everything.<br><br>Quite obviously, you’re Setup Fee is free, as stated below. You’re primary domain registration is also free, since you went through our link. There’s your first $10 savings by using our guide!<br><br>We’ll explain some of your options below. These options are circled in red, which you’ll see when you scroll down to the image.&nbsp; If you want the option, leave the box next to it checked. If you don’t, uncheck the box.<h3>SiteLock Domain Security</h3>This is an option for you. it costs $12.95 per year, as shown below. Basically, it just allows you to display a SiteLock Security certificate image at the bottom of your website. When people see this, it does help out and adds some trust to your website. The service actually does work and provides some added security to your website. It’s not necessary, but for only $12.95, it may be something you want to buy.<h3>Site Backup Pro</h3>This is another $12.95 option. It just backs up your website. You can get plugins to do this same thing for free (we’ll show you how to do this later in the guide), but it’s pretty nice having your website backed up with this service, as they offer things like one-click restore and backup scheduling. You definitely need to backup your website in some way. If for some reason your website crashes (it’s happened to us before), it’s nice to have a backup, or you have to re-do the whole thing.<br><br><h3>Search Engine Jumpstart</h3><br>This is a service provided by SEO Gears. &nbsp;With SEO Gears you can get Rapid Indexing, Head-to-Head Comparative Analysis Report, Step-by-Step DIY SEO Program, and Search Engine Mastery EBook. &nbsp;This is not very important at this point, but you can always sign up for this at a later date.<br><h3>Domain WhoIs Privacy</h3>Out of the 3 options, Domain Whois Privacy is probably the most important to get. Like we showed in the research, people can go to and search for your website. There, they’ll find your name, since you’re the owner, and whatever other information you enter in. If you buy the privacy, just Bluehost’s information will show up and none of your information will be able to be accessed.Typically, we just buy domain privacy. There’s better ways of offering security and backing up your dating. Again, it’s your call.<br><br>Next input your Billing Information. &nbsp;<br><br>And hit Next. &nbsp;

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    Assuming that you've clicked the "Next" button after entering your credit card and package information, and you went through correctly, you're done with the purchasing. &nbsp;<br><br>We told you that would be pretty straightforward.<br><br>You should have been taken to your control panel.&nbsp;<br><br>If you need help with the Control Panel, please refer to our BlueHost Control Panel Toolset.

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