How to use Buffer

Easily add great articles, pictures and videos to your Buffer account. Buffer then automagically shares them for you on your social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin!

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    A simple Explanation of Buffer

    This is a simple explanation on how you can use Buffer and tweet smarter!

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    IFTTT + Buffer introduction

    This shows you how to properly use IFTTT to Buffer to update all your social media profiles!

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    How to add a Custom Posting Schedule

    You will learn how to add and customize posting by using a schedule in Buffer.

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    How to Add Personal Bitly Trackable links

    This short video allows you to  add personal bitly trackable links too see your own analytics.

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    Basics of Buffer

    Learn the basics and intro to better understand Buffer!

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    How to Use the Buffer Extension for Google Chrome

    This is a basic tutorial on how you would use the Buffer extension for Chrome!

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    How to Link/Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

    This is a tutorial on how to link and manage multiple social media accounts with Buffer!

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    Simplify Your Twitter Marketing

    This gives some insight on how you can simplify your Twitter marketing by using Buffer

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    The Awesome Plan(Paid)

    The awesome plan is 10$ a month, but there is also a free version

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    How and Why we use Buffer

    Learn how and why businesses love using Buffer!

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    A Little More Detail on Buffer's Awesome Plan

    More Details on the Awesome Plan!

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    This is Buffer-Start Here!

    This is Buffers homepage to make an account!

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    An Introduction to Buffer

    This is an introduction to Buffer! By reading this you will learn what buffer does, who is using Buffer, why you should use Buffer, and how Buffer compares to other scheduling methods!

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    IFTTT to Buffer

    This is the homepage for IFTTT. Make an account so you are able to send links to buffer!

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    How to Copy / Re-add Successful Posts

    very easy way to re-add successful posts!

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    How to Post Content Direct from Web Pages into Buffer App

    This shows you how to access to Post Content Direct from Web Pages.

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    6 Ways To Use Ifttt & Buffer

    Find out more ways to use IFTT and Buffer!

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