How to use charting

Charting is a graphical representation of a collection of data.

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    Excel Cell Charts

    See Mr Excel and excelisfun demonstrate Excel 2010 Sparklines! Sparklines are small cell charts that help to visualize data! Amazing Cell Charts! Great for Skew and Statistics. This video is a great tutorial to get you familiar withe cell charts

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    Charting Basics in Excel

    A Four Part Series from MrExcel on the Basics of Charting in Excel 2010 PLUS a Bonus 'Dueling Excel' Episode to cap the series! Mr Excel is very good at making tutorials and his information is extremely accurate. 

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    Excel Dynamic Charts Series

    The Excel dynamic charts series gives you 25 videos on excel that will help you so much! It goes over how to use advanced filter, swell as teaching you how to hide and unhide rows!

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    Dynamic Charts

    Imagine you have a worksheet with lots of charts. And you want to make it look awesome & clean. Solution? Simple, create an interactive chart so that your users can pick one of many charts and see them. Today let us understand how to create an interactive chart using Excel.

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