How to Use Facebook as an Author

There is nothing wrong about using Facebook and other social media platforms to further your career, hobby or passion. If you are an author, here are some important things to keep in mind when using Facebook.

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    On Posting Events

    It would be better to just post details of upcoming events on your Author's page rather than setting up an online "Events" thing.

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    Have a Personal Profile and a Separate Author's Page

    It is best to have a personal profile and then a separate author's page. By doing this you get to enjoy having your personal life kept private or only shared to people who are in your inner circles and of course you want to maintain professionalism in your author's page. Another advantage of having an author page is that (should you become a big hit) you can get more than 500 likes in your author's page while such is not possible in your personal Facebook profile. 

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    When using social media sites such as Facebook, you need to be engaging. When somebody comments on your posts, comment back. You can also post questions to engage your fans in answering and starting a conversation with you. Don't turn your author's page into  feed of nothing but links to your book, your work and anything that has to do with you. Although this is your page as an author, it doesn't mean that it has to revolve around you. If you do make it all about yourself, you'll end up with just yourself on the page. So how do you create an Author's page in Facebook?

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    You Don't Need to Create a New Page for Your New Book

    Don't build a new page for each of the new books you have written and released. Using your author's page to build a solid list of fans or readers is the ideal option instead of breaking your fans into separate groups. The only exception perhaps is if you create a book series (example: Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings) with a significant following. But in general, creating a new page every time you release a new book will usually attract just the same audience that you have in your author's page. You'll just end up complicating things for you, needing to update all the pages you created for each of your books.

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    What Not to Do

    When you send out an invite to a prominent or  successful author and that author did like your page or "Facebook befriended" you, your follow up action should not be giving out a link to your new book. You should also not post the link to your new book into that author's or anyone's timeline without getting their permission first.

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    Do Post Regularly

    Keep your author's page active. If you can post  everyday or even post a couple of things every day on your page, that would be good. Do not just post links for your newest book as this would be overselling and nobody likes that. You can post details of your book every now and then. Simply write something that describes what your book is about and give out details where one can get it. You can also do promos and contests every now and then to keep things exciting for your fans. Always be polite when asking people to share your post.

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    Feel Free to Add Your Thougths

    If you have other ideas and tips on how to use Facebook as an author, feel free to drop a comment.

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    Sponsoring Posts

    The rule of thumb in sponsoring posts is to only "sponsor" posts that you really want to be more visible. You should know that there is no actual and solid evidence that promoted posts actually lead to sales. Although promoted posts do spread your message in a broader audience for a longer period of time. So if you are to sponsor a post, it would be for one wherein you're actually trying to emphasize something.

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    What To Post

    So what should you be posting? As  mentioned earlier, don't just post stuff that centers on you. If you are the observant type, you will notice that Facebook users love liking and sharing humorous posts. Lolcats and other humorous posts are really popular on Facebook. So instead of focusing your posts on drawing attention to your work, do posts that are filled with humor. You should of course still be cautious in posting humorous stuff. Stick to clean and funny topics (such as lolcats) and make sure that you observe how your fans react.

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    How to Create a Facebook Author page

    If you are not on Facebook yet simply go to&nbsp;<a href="" target="" rel=""></a>&nbsp;<span>and create your personal profile. If you already have a personal Facebook profile, go ahead and create your author's page.&nbsp;<br><br><ol><li>Simply log in and from your homepage, hover your screen on "PAGES" found at the upper left side of your screen.&nbsp;</li><li>Click on the word MORE which will appear and then click on "Create a Page".&nbsp;</li><li>Click on the box that says Artist, Band or Public Figure</li><li>Click on Author for your category.</li><li>Enter your name.</li><li>Tick on the box to agree on Facebook's terms for pages</li><li>Click on Get Started.</li></ol></span>

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    Continue Filling Out Needed Information

    Once you click on get started you'll be asked for added details. They are separated in 4 steps. The only required information are those fields with an asterisk. It is however best to fill up all needed information. If you plan to go through step 4 which is Reach More People, you'll need to shell out some money as this would be for advertising your page.

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