How to use Google's Blog Search Effectively

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    Three Ways to Use Google Blog Search

    This blog shows you how to find blogs, how to sign up for blog tours, how to direct link to search results. &nbsp;It is a very helpful blog and teaches you a lot!<br><br>I really like this blog because it is a blog giving advise on how to make a blog better! It has experience and is giving advise to people &nbsp;who want to be able to use google blog better!

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    How to Use Google Search More Effectively

    Very helpful on how to use google search! it shows how little college kids know about how to research and what you can do to become better!

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    Creating Your Own Empower Network Blogs

    What Google blog does is let you know just how many other bloggers are writing about the exact same subject that you are writing about.&nbsp;&nbsp;understanding the importance of the keywords when creating your own blog, it's also important to compare what other people are blogging about!

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    Use Google Blogs to Find Relevant Blog Posts for Link-Building

    Here's a unique idea using Google Blog search to help in your link-building efforts. It can help you find to-the-hour fresh and hyper-targeted blog posts that relate to your keyword terms!&nbsp;<br><br>This should help everyone with link-building!!

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    Using Google Blog Search and Pinging Service

    &nbsp;if you're simply looking for what bloggers have to say on a certain subject, it can be frustrating to sort through all that information. Google Blog Search and Pinging Service not only allows you to search through blog results, but to add your own! learn a step by step process on how to do this!

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    This is Google Blog Search

    Google Blog Search provides fresh, relevant search results from millions of feed-enabled blogs. Users can search for blogs or blog posts, and can narrow their searches by dates and more.<br><br>This is a great way to navigate and start your search for blogs! Looking for blogs isn't always fun so let google make it easier for you.

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