How to use Hootsuite

HootSuite is a social media management system

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    Hootsuite video tutorial- Introduction

     In this video It shows an overview of the Hootsuite social media management software. It is a lengthy introduction video that goes over the key uses of Hootsuite! It goes over the basics and is extremely interesting I highly suggest watching this if your new to Hootsuite.

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    Hootsuite Video Tutorial- Manage and Maximize Twitter

    This is a detailed tutorial on how to manage your Twitter properly by using Hootsuite!

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    Hootsuite Plans

    Hootsuite has a free version or the pro version, which is $8.99 a month! learn more on what version fits you best!

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    Hootsuite video- Adds Facebook updates

    Hootsuite is not just for Twitter! They made Hootsuite more Facebook friendly to business companies! Learn more about useful tools to help your Facebook page.

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    This is Hootsuit

    <br>This is Hootsuites homepage where you can create an account. &nbsp;By creating an account you can enhance your social media management.<br><br><br>

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    HootSuite Chrome Extension

    Chrome extension lets HootSuite Pro(paid) users&nbsp;who are part of HootSuite Teams to assign social media posts to their Team members as they browse!&nbsp;

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    Organizing your Hootsuite

    <br>when you read this you learn what is the best way you can use Hootsuite! &nbsp;This also shows you how to organize your team to successfully use Hootsuite.<br><br>

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    How to Use Hootsuite Lists

    This is a&nbsp;Hootsuite tutorial about using Twitter lists.It shows you how and why you should use lists.<br>

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    How to Manage Your Social Media Accounts

    This is an article that goes over step by step instructions on how a user of Hootsuite would upload and manage their social networking accounts.

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    The Basics of Using HootSuite

    This shows you the basics of Hootsuite. &nbsp;The video contains how to use columns, how to tweet,how to follow conversations, and how to use the basic analytics!

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    How to set up dashboards

    This shows you how to set up dashboards so you are always listening. &nbsp;It goes over how to&nbsp;follow these conversations and respond to people that are talking about you.

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    Hootsuite Video Tutorial- Hootlet App for Chrome

    By using the Hootlet app for Chrome you can&nbsp;Share a link. Hit the Hootlet button, and automatically, the URL is shortened and text is grabbed from the site.&nbsp;

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    Hootsuite for phone

    If you can't stay on&nbsp;Hootsuite at your house, download it&nbsp;here so its on your phone!

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    Hootsuite University

    If you are interested in&nbsp;HootSuite University you will learn the&nbsp;&nbsp;Training, the features and functionalities of the HootSuite dashboard and start managing your social media effectively!&nbsp;

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