How to use to automate things on the web

IFTTT ("if this then that") lets you connect and automate actions on the web. For instance, you can set it up so that every time you add a photo to Dropbox, it will upload to Facebook, or vice-versa. This is done by creating what they call "recipes" by combining "triggers" into these if and then statements.

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    Distribute Content Across Multiple Networks

    This is another basic tutorial on how to use IFTTT it helps you learn how to distribute content across multiple networks.

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    Use IFTTT to Share social networking sites

    This tutorial shows you how to share Wordpress, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter! You learn how to use these basic social networking sites with IFTTT!

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    IFTTT Background information

    My favorite website Techcrunch has the numbers! IFTTT has received $7 million in funding to build out its capability for customers to control information and how it flows. you can learn more background information on IFTTT by reading this.

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    10 IFTTT Recipes to Optimize Your Business

    This shows you how IFTTT can be used to better your business. IFTTT is changing the way we use the web. This shows you 10 Recipes to get you started.

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    How to Use IFTTT

    This is a tutorial on how to use IFTTT for beginners.  It shows you how to use all aspects of using IFTTT including how to use Triggers, Channels, Action, and recipes step by step!

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    About IFTTT

    This is IFTT "about" page.  It shows you the ins and outs of IFTTT. You will learn what Channels, Triggers, Actions, Ingredients, and recipes are.  By learning these key terms you will be able to better navigate through IFTTT.

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    13 tasks to stop wasting time

    This shows you how IFTTT saves you time! It is a basic Tutorial that goes over fundamentals of IFTTT, as well as showing you how to use it!

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    This is IFTTT

    This is the homepage for IFTTT. &nbsp;When you decide to join IFTTT you will quickly realize you are involved with the future of making connections IFTTT focuses on "If this then that". &nbsp;By focusing on that recipe you can put the internet to work.<br><span><br>Recipe!<br>&nbsp;when something happens (this) then do something else (that).</span>

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    How To Use IFTTT To Save Time & Automate

    This video offers information on why IFTTT is amazing. &nbsp;You learn how to set it up and use it, as well as learning tricks on how to get more done in less time. &nbsp;You also see how to create content and manage blogs behind the scenes! Read this to find out some helpful tips<br><br>

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