How to use iMovie to edit video on a Mac

The basics of editing video on a Mac. Typically, iMovie comes standard with your Mac. It's pretty basic, but you can actually do a lot more than you think with iMovie. Why not give it a shot?

  1. Vimeo Lessons: Adding Text & Titles with iMovie

    How to add text and titles to your videos using iMovie. It's really simple!

  2. Vimeo Lessons: Adding Transitions & Effects with iMovie

    The basics of adding transitions and effects in your videos using iMovie provided by

  3. Vimeo Lessons: Exporting & Sharing To Vimeo with iMovie

    The basics of how to export the videos you've created in iMovie to Vimeo. Pretty much, it's the same process as how you'd export it to an...

  4. Vimeo Lessons: Editing Sound & Music with iMovie

    Sound is crucial in video making! This tutorial created by shows you how to easily add sound and music to your movies.

  5. Vimeo Lessons: Trimming & Cutting with iMovie

    Learn how to trim and cut your videos to just the right length!

  6. Vimeo Lessons: Importing with iMovie

    This tutorial shows you how to get the video from your camera/camcorder to iMovie. As an absolutely beginner, this was something I strugg...

  7. Vimeo Lessons: Editing with iMovie

    A general overview of how to get started editing video with iMovie.

  8. Using iMovie - the entire video series from

    This is the page that has all the videos from Vimeo on using iMovie (a Mac application) to edit video. You may want to check this out bec...

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