How to Use Mail Chimp

Finding it hard to make email campaigns and newsletters? MailChimp makes the task breezy.

  1. How to Use Mail Chimp - Signing Up

    Go to to sign up for free. Simply click on the Sign Up Free button to get started

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  2. Creating Your Account

    To create your account, provide your email address and then create a username and password. Once done, click on the Create MyAccount button.

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  3. Activate Your Account

    Check your email for the activation email sent to you by MailChimp. Open the mail and simply click on the big Activate Account button.

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  4. Confirm Sign Up

    Just one more verification process to take care of. Simply type in the two words shown and then click on the Confirm Signup button.

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  5. Set Up Your Account

    After clicking on Confirm Signup, you will be asked to log in again. So put in your username and password and log in. To continue setting...

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  6. Email Time

    Now that you are done setting up your account, you are ready to get started.It's Email Time! Simply click on the button that reads Email ...

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  7. Creating a List

    The first thing you need to do is to create a list. Simply click on the Lists on the upper part of your screen click on Create List and c...

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  8. Importing List

    If you want to import subscribers into your list, all you need to do is click on Lists and then click Import.

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  9. Importing List via Upload

    You can do this in several ways. You can upload a CSV file from your computer by clicking on "Upload from File" then clicking on"Browse" ...

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  10. Importing List via Copy Paste from Excel

    Another option for importing list is the Copy Paste from Excel Option. Click on the “Copy Paste from Excel” button, open your Excel file...

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  11. Importing List Using Another Service

    You can also import list using another service. Once you have imported the list start matching the columns. Type the name of eachcolumn...

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  12. Viewing Your List

    By clicking on Subscribers, you can view your List.

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  13. Creating a Group

    When you want to create a group, simply click on “List” then point at “group” and then click on “Create Groups”. There are fields for you...

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  14. Adding New Fields to Your List

    If you want to add new fields to your list, click on “Lists” and then click on “List data”. Next step is to click on “+add field” and th...

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  15. Creating a Campaign

    From your dashboard point to create campaign then choose the type of campaign. The next step is to choose the list where you’ll send the...

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  16. Campaign Info and Email Tracking

    Provide information for your campaign and then set up your email tracking. Once done click on the “next” button found at the upper righ...

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  17. Styling and Editing Your Campaign

    Choose a template for your email. If you need help, simply click on “design genius”. Once you have picked out a template click on the pe...

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  18. The Final Touches

    Before sending out your campaign check for errors in the pre-delivery checklist that would pop up after you are done editing. A red mark...

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