How to Use Skype for Video Conferencing

Skype is probably the most well-known software for video conferencing. It can be used from your computer, phone or tablet to join or initiate voice or video conferences.

  1. Sign up for a Skype Account Here

    This is the link to create a Skype account. Sign up for free with your email. It should only take a minute, or so. Then, you can download...

  2. Skype for iPad

    Download Skype for your iPad by clicking through this link!

  3. Skype for iPhone

    This will take you to the App store on your iPhone if you're accessing this from a mobile device. Download it by clicking through the lin...

  4. A Very Basic Explanation of How to Set up Your Skype Account

    Just a simple explanation of how to run through the installation and get your account set-up.

  5. How to setup Skype on Mac Video Tutorial

    A very simple explanation of how to download and set-up Skype on your Mac.

  6. Skype Premium - Just so you Know

    There is, indeed, a paid version of Skype. If you're just using it to talk to one person at a time, you don't really need to upgrade. If ...

  7. Skype iPad App Tutorial

    This is a pretty in-depth explanation of how to set up and use Skype on your iPad. If you're interested in setting it up, you should watc...

  8. How to find and add Contacts on Skype

    This video tutorial will show you how to find and add friends so that you can connect with them using Skype.

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