How to use Speek Conference calls Successfully

Speek is free conference calling made easy and fun. No elevator music and you get your own link so it is easy to get in touch with others.

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    This startup wants to disrupt the conference call market article

    There were somewhere in the region of 45 billion minutes of audio-only conference calls in North America in 2012, a stat that bodes well for the future of Speek. Work started on the Web app back in March 2012, and after a while in beta which has seen a couple of hundred thousand users join, Speek officially opens the doors to the public today. Great article talking about Speek!

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    Invite Others to a Speek Conference Call

    One area my company tried to cut costs was with our conference bridge service. We used freeconferencecalling until one of our clients wondered out loud if they should be doing business with a company that still needed a free call service.<br><br>I love this part of Speek. It makes it so much easier to make conference call appointments. When it is time for the call all you have to do his click the link the other person sent you.

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    Introduction to Speek

    Speek is a new, better way of doing conference calls. Rather than using a dial-in and PIN to join conference calls you use a simple link (example - You can also join conference calls via SMS / text message and from your mobile phone's browser with a single click.

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    Free Tutorials on Speek

    Speekinar: Join us for a live product demo Get a free tutorial from Speek. During our 15-minute "Speekinars," you'll learn the tips, tricks and features necessary for productive conference calls.

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    How To Do Conference Calls On IPhone

    With more people using the iPhone as their primary mobile device, it is important for Apple to add features that will be accessible and user-friendly for those who might need it for business purposes. Speek is great and ever better when you can use it on your iPhone. This is a basic text tutorial on how how to use Speek on your IPhone.

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    Speek--Start here

    This is Speek! When you get to the main page you can easily fill in your name and create an account.

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    How to Have Productive Weekly Calls With Your Mentor

    How to Have Productive Weekly Calls With Your Mentor Do you have a mentor? If you're serious about getting ahead professionally, obtaining a mentor is a positive step in the right direction. A mentor can guide you towards the right business goals, as well as help you make connections in your field. This is a blog that offers great insight on how to make Speek calls with your mentor.

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    How To Get On Your First Sales Call

    How To Get On Your First Sales Call Every sales professional will tell you that the sales field is no picnic. Putting yourself out, "there," while remaining professional and confident can be scary at best, and leave you vulnerable at worst. Luckily, there are tips and tools that can help you sell successfully. Great blog about sales, i highly recommend it.

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    Speek for Iphone

    Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Speek on the App Store. Download Speek and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Speek is very easy to use with the iPhone app, I use it frequently.

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    Speek for Android

    This is&nbsp;conference calling with your Android device! Make super simple, free and visual conference calls. Choose an easy-to-remember username for your call.

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