How to Use Trello to Manage Projects for Free

Trello is a fantastic project management tool to use to organize your own materials and tasks as well as allowing you to collaborate with a team. It's one of my favorite tools that I've come across, not to mention that it's free!

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    Use Siri with Trello via Emello

    This is a quick, step-by-step demonstration video of using Siri with Trello via Emello. This shows how easy Trello is to use on a mobile device. 

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    What is Trello?

    Watch this to see if Trello is right for you! It goes over the main ideas of Trello. Though it isn't incredibly descriptive, it&nbsp;gives you a great idea of what this tool can do.&nbsp;Trello is a project management application that allows you to easily organize important tasks and disperse them among group members.<br>

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    Technology behind Trello

    Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects onto boards. Trello uses Node.js,, MongoDB, Redis and Backbone to create a responsive, single-page app. It gives a&nbsp;&nbsp;great behind-the-scenes look into&nbsp;the technology behind Trello! &nbsp;If you are interested in how this app was made, this video is perfect for you.<br><br>

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    Using Trello to run your photo business

    This is a quick-start tutorial on how to use Trello to help organize a photography business. Learn how to use Trello to organize photographs.

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    How to Use Trello Like a Pro

    While incredibly simple on the surface, Trello offers some pretty amazing features and shortcuts behind the scenes. This is a blog post explaining a few things you can do with Trello.&nbsp;

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    A Few More Trello Shortcuts

    This is another blog post from the Trello team explaining some of the more advanced features of the software. They&nbsp;expand on what they covered in their first post.&nbsp;

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    Sign up for Trello

    Create an account on this page! It's free, and you can either sign up with your email or Google account.&nbsp;

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    Download the Trello Android App

    If you don't have an iPhone,&nbsp;use Google Play to download Trello to your Android.<br>

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    Five Tips for Using Trello for Scrum

    You will learn the importance of using more than one board per project, tracking your hours, making checklists whenever possible, making a card assigning series and using Trello boards for the spring retrospective.&nbsp;

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    Download the Trello app for iPhone

    Download the iPhone app for Trello here. This will work for both iPad and iPhone. It is&nbsp;similar to the web application that you are used to. The only downfall is the text size which&nbsp;can be small on your phone.&nbsp;

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    The Basics of Trello

    This is a basic tutorial for using and interacting with Trello.&nbsp;By watching this step-by-step tutorial, you will&nbsp;learn how to successfully learn the basics of lists, cards and checklists.&nbsp;

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    Some Ways to Use Trello

    A really nice tutorial by Michelle from<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href=""></a>&nbsp;furthering some of the basics of Trello as well as expanding to show how she uses it to organize her own tasks.&nbsp;Very helpful!&nbsp;

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