How to use Windows Movie Maker to edit video on a PC

A basic explanation and tutorial of all the things you can do with Windows Movie Maker. Most videographers consider this to be one of the most basic ways to edit video. However, you can still produce some outstanding video if you can understand how to use it!

  1. Vimeo Lessons: Editing with Windows Live Movie Maker

    This is the beginning of Vimeo's tutorial on editing video with Windows Movie Maker.

  2. Vimeo Lessons: Importing your videos with Windows Live Movie Maker

    Exactly how to take the video you just shot on your camera, and import it into Windows Movie Maker to begin editing.

  3. Vimeo Lessons: Exporting to share on Vimeo with Windows Live Movie Maker

    This tutorial shows you how to export video that you've editing in Windows Movie Maker and share it on This process is really ...

  4. Vimeo Lessons on Windows Movie Maker - Full Page

    The full page of videos that goes with Vimeo's lessons on editing video in Windows Movie Maker. The content that goes along with each vid...

  5. Vimeo Lessons: Trimming and cutting with Windows Live Movie Maker

    How to create clips and a timeline when beginning to edit your video.

  6. Video Lessons: Adding text & titles with Windows Live Movie Maker

    How to add text and titles to the video you're editing in Windows Movie Maker. Pretty simple!

  7. Video Lessons: Adding transitions & effects with Windows Live Movie Maker

    Exactly how to add transitions and effects in the movie you're editing using Windows Movie Maker. Transitions are any animated movements ...

  8. Vimeo LEssons: Editing sound & music with Windows Live Movie Maker

    Audio quality can make or break your video! This tutorial will show you how to edit and add sound and music in your video.

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