How to write an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

IEPs are documents created by educational teams to outline the supports, services, and individualized goals for students with disabilities. This toolset contains links to videos, documents, websites and learning modules at many different levels of expertise.

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    Developing Standards-based IEPs

    This module prepares you to participate in Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings and IEP development. Lessons cover: IEP Fundamentals, Initiating IEPs, Developing the Heart of IEPs, Completing IEPs, and assuring a Free, Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). A dual focus is maintained on developing both legally correct and educationally useful IEPs...

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    iep training module | Head Start Center for Inclusion

    Training module and supplemental materials. This is an excellent resource for those who need to build a stronger foundation in the purpose and development of IEPs.

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    Special Education > Teachers > Standards-Based IEP Training Resources

    This page contains many resources for standards based IEP development. It is especially useful for those who have foundational knowledge of IEP development.

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    PowerPoints - Standards-Based IEPs: Determining & Writing Effective Goals

    This site contains a series of presentations about IEP development and would be particularly beneficial for those who need more foundational knowledge.

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    Contents of the IEP

    NICHCY site with comprehensive information related to IEP development. Includes an in-depth look at each component of the IEP. Appropriate for all levels of expertise.<br> <span>Questions to think about:<br> 1. What will my responsibilities be in developing IEPs for students with disabilities?<br> 2. Look at the list of testing accommodations that are available. Are there any you are uncertain about? How would you go about delivering these accommodations in your classroom - think about coordinating with the special education teacher - how would you make that happen? How would you explain testing accommodations to other students in your class? How would you explain testing accommodations to parents?<br> 3. What is one think you learned about IEPs through using this resource?</span> <br><br><br><br>

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    Steps in the IEP Process |

    Step by step process for IEP development - beginning with the prereferral process

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    Developing the Individualized Education Program

    NY State guidance on IEP development

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    Hoagies' Gifted: Unofficial Guide

    Parent's Unofficial Guide to Gifted IEPs and Gifted IEP Meetings

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    sample gifted IEP

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