Information on Gifted Education

Gifted education is a highly debated topic in education. With school budgets getting tighter, many school are cutting their gifted education programs. This toolset has resources about the benefits of gifted education programs.

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    Genius Denied ~ Welcome to Genius Denied

    Genius Denied: How to Stop Wasting Our Brightest Young Minds, authored by Bob and Jan Davidson with Laura Vanderkam and published in 2004 by Simon &amp; Schuster, is hailed as a "manifesto for change" by gifted education advocates and experts.<br><br>This book offers insight into the importance of gifted education. It contains first hand accounts from students who have been in gifted programs. The book also talks about the different types of programs and the importance of these programs. An interesting book and a must read for anyone interested in learning more about gifted education.<br><br>.

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    View Your State's Policy on Gifted and Talented Education

    How gifted-friendly is your state? Find out on the Davidson Institute's Gifted Education State Policy Map. Click on your state to view the state's definition of gifted and talented, key personnel, statistics and legislative information.

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    Gifted student interview.pdf - Google Drive

    <b></b>An interview with a gifted student, her mother, and her gifted education teacher. Suzie was in gifted education for two years in elementary school&nbsp;and then went back to the general education setting because there was no continuation of the program. The school district later cut the program and Carla returned to teaching in the general education classroom. The following is their reflection on the gifted education program and their feelings about where they are now.

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    Teaching standards for Gifted and Talented Education

    The standards that teachers of gifted education are required to meet.

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    Advanced Gifted Education Teacher Standards

    Advanced Standards in Gifted Education Teacher Training Download Advanced Standards (pdf) What are the Advanced Standards? After mastering initial standards for the preparation of teachers of the gifted, many educators in gifted education continue their professional growth toward mastery of advanced professional standards at the post baccalaureate levels.

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    PreK-12 Gifted Programming Standards

    A great guide to help educators created high quality gifted education. The guide includes frequently asked questions, a glossary, references, and the standards.

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