Intro to Podcasting

Podcasting! It's one of those things that kind of popped up out of nowhere in our society's recent social media/technology revolution. Podcasting allows you to record episodes on a particular subject and share them with your followers. It's a cool alternative to writing, as it allows roundtable discussions and your personality to shine through. It can be tricky, but luckily Apple (just like with everything else they do) makes it super easy. Enjoy, and I hope to hear you soon!

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    Apple - iTunes - Podcasts - FAQs: For Podcast Fans

    I know the concept of podcasting may seem daunting, but fear not -- Apple's podcast page lays out everything you need to know on how to get started, how to set it up, followers, etc. This is a good starting point for anyone that has no idea where to...well, start. 

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    7 Reasons to Create Your Own Podcast

    I won't give away too much, but this resource lays out 7 reasons to create your podcast, like&nbsp;<b>you probably already have all of the necessary equipment and it allows you to gain a niche audience.&nbsp;</b>

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    Why Podcast? 8 Reasons You Need a Podcast For the Future of Marketing

    Podcasting gives you another way to get your stuff out to your audience. This video lays out reasons why you should be podcasting, and how it can set you apart from the competition.&nbsp;

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    How to Get Your Podcast Found in iTunes Search

    Now that you've learned the basics of podcasting, I'm going to get into resources that explain how to optimize them best. Just like with your website, you want more people to hear what you're saying. Since a lot of podcasts are in the iTunes library, you don't want your stuff to get lost. This will help you avoid that.

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    6 Podcasting Tips From the Pros | Social Media Examiner

    Some of the most important things to remember when developing a podcast are remembering who you're targeting, delivering thoughtful product to that audience and keeping them engaged.&nbsp;

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    Podcasting and SEO: How to SEO your podcasts | Stephan Spencer

    This resource is awesome not just because the dude's last name is my first name, but because it also gives you some really strong tips on how to best optimize your podcast for search engines. Using keywords&nbsp;<b>rich in content</b> and&nbsp;<b>having relevant conversations useful to your audience&nbsp;</b>will increase links back to your blog/podcast -- making it pop up more often in search engine results.&nbsp;

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    Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Mr SEO's Podcast

    Here's an actual podcast for you to listen to and get a feel for what it's all about. And it's about SEO optimization! Everybody wins!

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