Introduction to Business Modeling and Canvases

Using a business model canvas is a great alternative to writing a business plan. In this tool set we explore three such canvases: 1) Business Model Canvas 2) Lean Canvas 3) Mousetrap Start-up Canvas. Here are some items to tell you how they work.

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  2. List of Business Model Canvases

    What a great list of business model canvases! So many to browse through and get some ideas. This is a beta site that apparently lets yo...

  3. Introduction to Lean Canvas

    If you are spending more than 20 minutes on your initial business model canvas, you are doing it wrong. This video will show you how to c...

  4. 6 Business Model Canvases from Startup Weekend

    These are six business model canvases developed during a start-up weekend.

  5. Osterwalder explaining the Business Model Canvas

    Alex Osterwalder was one of the first to release a business model canvas. This video is a bit long but serves as an excellent introducti...

  6. Business Model Canvas - Definition

    The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing business models. It is a visual c...

  7. Making a Business Model Canvas

    Stine and Dan of Project Vesto show you how to create a 1-page Business Model Canvas for a Coffee Shop in the woods above Lake Tahoe, Nevada

  8. Making a Lean Canvas

    First attempt at a Lean Canvas of Bounce's business model for Customer Development Labs.

  9. The New Mousetrap Start up Canvas. A great way to create a business plan.

    A business model canvas lets you put together a new business concept quickly and then test it. Mousetrap is based upon a couple of common...

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