iPad applications to improve language arts skills

These applications were useful during my student teaching to help children understand spelling and reading.

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    C is for Cow iPad App

    “C is for Cow,” the new app by A Modern Eden, playfully teaches kids recognition and phonetics of each letter in the alphabet, along with a corresponding animal for reinforcement.&nbsp;<br><br>There are two modes: alphabetical (for learning) and random (for exercising knowledge). The name of the animal is displayed boldly at the top and a big capital letter is displayed at the bottom for easy readability.<br><br>First, your child can tap the letter button to hear the sound each letter makes. Next, they can tap the second button to hear the letter and the coordinating animal, like "A is for antelope." Learning couldn’t be more fun––or beautiful!<br>

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    Montessorium Alpha Writer Reading iPad App

    Based on the Montessorium program, Alpha Writer is an effective reading teaching iPad app for elementary school students.&nbsp;

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    My Spelling Test Free iPad App

    Do you want your child to be a better speller? Imagine your kids begging you to practice for their next spelling test. This app is like creating your own spelling bee and is a great way to save time on homework.<br>

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    Bob Books Reading iPad App

    This iPad app is predominately for younger elementary school children from 1st to 3rd grade. It walks you through reading lessons with cartoon images.&nbsp;

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    Clifford's BE BIG with Words iPad app

    Help Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone give Jetta ideas of things to paint by spelling words. As they play, kids will experiment with letters and letter sounds as they learn to spell three-letter words. Kids are guided toward spelling the words by choosing from a selection of letters from Jetta’s painter’s palette. Once a word is spelled, watch as a picture is painted of the word to show its meaning!<br><br>Clifford’s BE BIG with Words is a great word game for kids who love Clifford and love to learn!. Building an understanding of words through alphabetic awareness is critical in cultivating reading skills in young children.&nbsp;<br>

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