Island of the Blue Dolphins Cross-Curricular Connections

Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell is a book commonly read by students in 5th grade. This toolset offers ideas to make connections between the book and multiple subject areas.

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    Place to purchase Island of the Blue Dolphins

    Product Description The Newberry Medal-winning story of a 12-year old girl who lives alone on a Pacific island after she leaps from a rescue ship. Isolated on the island for eighteen years, Karana forages for food, builds weapons to fight predators, clothes herself in a cormorant feathered skirt, and finds strength and peace in her seclusion.

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    Island of the Blue Dolphins ELA activities

    This study guide provides background information of the author Scott O'Dell, the book, and the island San Nicolas. The guide also have numerous activities including K-W-L charts, vocabulary, writing prompts, comprehension questions, think-pair-share activities, and a related story. This is a great guide to use to go through the book.

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    Science activity for the book Island of the Blue Dolphins

    One of the New York state standards is that students will understand that all living things depend on each other to survive. Students can discuss how the living things on the island are connected. Have students predict what they think would happen to the living creatures if one of them was eliminated. Get creative and come up with ways for the students to present their information and ideas through writing, diagrams, pictures, skits, etc. 

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    Social Studies research project for Island of the Blue Dolphins

    Shown is the New York State social studies standard. Scott O'Dell's story is based on a true story. In social studies students can research the true story of the lost woman of San Nicolas Island. Have students focus on primary and secondary sources. Research can be presented in a wide variety of ways based on teacher and student preferences. Content of the projects can vary based on the teacher's preference but some ideas are the beliefs, traditions, culture, etc of the natives of San Nicolas Island, information about the island itself, or the true story of Juana Maria. Look for the toolset titled, "Research resources for students for the book Island of the Blue Dolphins," which contains different resources for students to use for their research.

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