JCPenny case study

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    Harvard Business School

    After a successful stint at Target, when Ron Johnson led Apple's retail efforts from 2000 to 2011, it seemed that he could do no wrong. But the winning streak came to a well-publicized end during his two years at JCP, when everything he tried seemed to backfire.

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    JC Penney Commercial 2011

    Nikki Hahn, JC Penney Commercial 2011, Week 9 Sale

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    Ellen's JCPenney Commercials

    If you'd like to show support for Ellen please LIKE this page on Facebook "1 Million people who support Ellen for JC Penney" 4 of Ellen DeGeneres's JC Penney commercials aired during the Oscars 2012 Hat Pence No Pennies Western Coupons Roman Returns 50's Wake-Up

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    The 5 Big Mistakes That Led to Ron Johnson's Ouster at JC Penney

    In the fall of 2011, Ron Johnson was appointed not just as CEO of JC Penney, but as the savior responsible for breathing new life into one of the dowdiest dinosaurs in American retail. Seventeen months-and many, many mistakes-later, he's out of a job. What happened?

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    Party Like It's 19.99: The Psychology of Pricing

    Why does everything on sale - well, nearly everything for sale and not simply "on sale" - have a .99 price ending? From what I can tell, .99 is a signal to consumers that either means "Wow, this widget is a great bargain," or "Whoa, you're manipulating me into thinking that this widget is a great bargain."

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    JCPenny Management timeline

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    Poison Pill - Video | Investopedia

    A poison pill is a corporate maneuver put in place to try and prevent a hostile takeover. The target corporation uses this strategy to make its stock less attractive to the acquirer. This is accomplished by making the target company's stock more expensive.

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    Activist Investors: A Good Or Bad Thing?

    DEFINITION OF 'ACTIVIST INVESTOR ' An individual or group that purchases large numbers of a public company's shares and/or tries to obtain seats on the company's board with the goal of effecting a major change in the company. A company can become a target for activist investors if it is mismanaged, has excessive costs, could be run more profitably as a private company or has another problem that the activist investor believes it can fix to make the company more valuable

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