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Everything you need to know about Keen IO custom analytics platform

  1. video Completed records every action your users take (for developers) - YouTube

    Are you a mobile developer? Then is for you. It will record all your data so you can answer the questions about your users' behavior. The founders, here, explain why that's important for developers.

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    The Tech Stack Behind Keen IO's Analytics Backend Service | Leanstack

    Keen IO is an alternative to your in-house analytics database. You send them events from your mobile app, website, billing system, or backend servers, all the data that's too big to store in your application database. They let you run counts, sums, funnels, averages, segmentation, and visualize this data using their analytics APIs.

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  3. video Completed

    Keen IO ≡ SXSW 2013 SoftLayer Catalyst Lounge ≡ Joshua Krammes interviews Kyle Wild from Keen IO in SoftLayer's SXSW Catalyst Lounge to share what the company does, how SXSW is going for them, how they got involved with SoftLayer and what has changed for them in the last year. About Keen IO: Keen IO is an analytics backend as a service.

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  4. article Completed

    Startup Metrics with Keen IO - SpinUp Labs

    Startup Metrics with Keen IO We all know how important it is to track the relevant metrics for our startup. There are numerous startups out there competing to fill this need. I have looked at many of them and they are either hard to integrate, or they have specific metrics which they have determined to be "valid" metrics.

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    Using Keen IO on Heroku

    <span>The&nbsp;<a href="" target="" rel="">Keen IO add-on</a>&nbsp;is a&nbsp;<a href="" target="" rel="">Heroku add-on</a>&nbsp;for doing custom app analytics in minutes instead of days.</span>

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    Keen IO blog

    <a href="" target="" rel="">Keen IO</a>&nbsp;makes powerful APIs that modern developers use to build custom and white-labeled analytics. Real-time, low-latency querying at scale.

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    keen-gem - Official Ruby client for the Keen IO API. Build analytics features directly into your Ruby apps.

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