Launch of the Affordable Care Act

Americans were able to sign up for government healthcare starting Oct. 1 through the ACA. Here is an in-depth look at how the rollout of the ACA is going.

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    Winners and Losers from Obamacare

    This pie graph shows how many American's are expected to benefit from, be disadvantaged by or remain unaffected by the ACA. These estimates are from Jon Gruber, an economics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

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    Rep. Fred Upton: Let people keep their coverage

    This opinion piece by Rep. Fred Upton describes how he has created a plan to allow people to keep their previous insurance plans in response to insurance companies dropping plans due to the ACA.

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    Out With the Old, in With Obamacare

    This is a conservative leaning opinion article about the impacts of the ACA now that has launched.

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    Security experts fear ACA vulnerabilities

    While has not yet been hacked, this article explores the potential security gaps in the site.

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  5. article Completed's enrollment system crashes Monday

    This is an article about crashing on Nov. 4 — one of many site crashes. The article also explains other problems that have occurred with the site.

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    How much will ObamaCare raise your health insurance premium?

    This map released by the Society of Actuaries predicts how much the average person's health insurance premium will be raised depending on which state they live in. 

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    Thousands See Health Plans Canceled

    One consequence of the rollout of the Health Insurance Marketplace — some people have received notices that their health insurance plans are being canceled. This article provides more information about what is going on and includes an opinionated video about the situation.

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    A timeline of the Affordable Care Act

    This timeline from the Washington Post shows what led up to the launch of the Health Insurance Marketplace on Oct. 1.

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    Some Badly Needed Historical Perspective Regarding the Affordable Care Act

    This blog post is a liberal perspective on the problems with the ACA rollout.

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    President Obama's ACA message evolves again

    Here is how President Obama is responding the problems with the ACA rollout. While this article mainly discusses his response to insurance companies dropping plans, it also touches on the glitches.

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