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    Developing Backbone.js Applications

    Addy Osmani is a writer, speaker, and a JavaScript developer. He is a member of the jQuery core [Bug Triage/Docs/Learning] teams where helps with bugs, documentation, and developer evangelism. When not working at AOL his personal OS projects include jQuery UI Bootstrap and TodoMVC, which help developers compare JavaScript MVC frameworks.

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    Building Single Page Applications With jQuery's Best Friends

    Hey guys. Today we're going to take a look at how you can build a single-page application (SPA) supporting graceful degradation using some of jQuery's Best

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    Getting Started with Backbone.js

    Unlike its web development peers, JavaScript has never really had much in the way of frameworks to provide structure. Thankfully, in recent years, that's beginning to change. Today, I'd like to introduce you to Backbone.JS, a sweet little library that makes the process of creating complex, interactive and data driven apps so much easier.

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    Backbone.js Tutorial Part I | PeepCode Screencast

    Backbone.js Basics by Geoffrey Grosenbach and David Goodlad. Graphics by Paula Lavalle. Works with the latest Backbone 0.9.2! Possibly the most anticipated PeepCode screencast this year, it's Backbone.js! As web browsers have become more capable, developers have started to write more complex client-side applications.

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    Backbone.js Tutorial Part II | PeepCode Screencast

    Backbone.js Interactivity by Geoffrey Grosenbach and David Goodlad. Graphics by Paula Lavalle. Music by Giles Bowkett. Works with the latest Backbone 0.9.2! Part I was an instant hit. This is Part II of our Backbone.js tutorial series. In this 57 minute screencast you'll complete the Backbone.js client-side music player application.

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    Backbone.js Screencast - Introduction and Views - joey beninghove

    A couple weeks ago I gave a webinar for Develop with Passion on Backbone.js. Unfortunately there was a problem with the recording, so I decided to...

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    Backbonification: migrating a large JavaScript project from DOM spaghetti to Backbone.js

    We've all done it. Our code base has one huge monolithic file, packed full of JavaScript spaghetti. It's unwieldy, hard-to-debug, and has little to no separation of concerns. It is a nightmare to bring new engineers up to speed.

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    Backbone.js Persistence Tutorial | PeepCode Screencast

    Backbone Persistence by Geoffrey Grosenbach. Graphics by Paula Lavalle. Music by Giles Bowkett. Previously: Backbone Part I Backbone Part II Backbone.js is a capable framework for building client-side applications. But even with method-by-method documentation, the details of how to actually build full-featured, useful applications can be elusive.

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    Backbone.js + CoffeeScript Book

    A new eBook exploring the awesome power, elegance, and productivity of JavaScript MVC applications developed with Backbone.js and CoffeeScript.

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    Backbone.js on Rails Screencast - When Things Go Wrong! - Validation errors and server availability

    "I really like the "live" style of these screencasts. It seems almost like I'm pair programming. I appreciate the polished feel of screencasts like the RailsCasts, but this feels more... real somehow."

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