Major Field Exam (MFE) for the MBA

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    Major Field Exam - Items Covered


    The Major Field Test for Master of Business Administration (MFT-MBA) consists of 124 multiple-choice questions, half of which are based on short case-study scenarios. Programs can choose when and where to administer the tests. It is designed to take three hours and may be split into two sessions. This test must be given by a proctor. Mathematical operations do not require the use of a calculator. 

    Most of the questions require knowledge of specific information drawn from marketing, management, finance, and accounting. The test also includes questions that focus on international business, information technology, legal and regulatory environment of business, ethics and social responsibility in business, statistical analysis, managerial economics and e-commerce.

    The distribution of the content areas with some examples of the topics covered is as follows:

    I.  Marketing (25%)
    A. Strategic Marketing
    1. Metrics and Control Mechanisms
    2. Environment Scanning and Marketing Planning
    3. Innovation
    B. Buyer Behavior
    1. Consumer and Business Purchasing Processes
    2. Factors Influencing Consumer and Business Purchasing
    3. Segmentation
    C. Market Research
    1. Competitive Intelligence
    2. Research Process, Concepts and Tools
    3. Managerial Decision Making
    D. Marketing Planning: Target Segments and Marketing Mix
    1. Specifying Target Markets
    2. Pricing
    3. Products/Services
    4. Promotion
    5. Channels & Distribution/Supply Chain

    II. Management (25%)
    A. Organizational Behavior
    1. Leadership
    2. Teams
    3. Conflict
    4. Negotiation
    5. Motivation
    B. Human Resource Management
    1. Recruiting and Selection
    2. Compensation
    3. Employment Planning
    4. Training and Development
    C. Organizational Theory
    1. Organizational Change & Development
    2. Organizational Structure Design
    3. Systems Thinking
    4. Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management
    D. Operations Planning/Management Science
    1. Quantitative Decision Making Models
    2. Quality/Process Management
    3. Supply Chain Logistics
    4. Planning
    5. Control
    6. Service Management

    III. Finance (25%)
    A. Corporate Finance
    1. Capital Budgeting
    2. Cost of Capital
    3. Capital Structure
    4. Dividend Policy
    5. Working Capital Management
    6. International Finance
    B. Investments
    1. Financing Instruments
    2. Risk and Return
    3. Securities Valuation and Analysis
    4. Options, Futures and Other Derivatives

    C. Financial Markets and Institutions
    1. Capital Markets
    2. Money Market
    3. Market Efficiency
    4. Investment Banking

    IV. Accounting (25%)
    A. Relevant Cost
    1. Theory of Constraints
    2. Special Order
    3. Make or Buy
    4. Transfer Pricing
    5. Sell or Process Further
    B. Resource Planning and Analysis
    1. Forecasting
    2. Cash Budgeting
    3. Variance Analysis
    C. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
    1. Cost Behavior
    2. Break-Even Analysis
    3. Target Profit
    D. Product Costing
    1. Absorption vs. Variable
    2. Activity-based
    3. Process vs. Job Order
    4. Byproduct
    E. Financial Reporting and Analysis
    1. Financial Statements
    2. Financial Ratios
    3. Regulatory Environment

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    Major Field Exam - Sample Test Questions

    These are sample questions in marketing, management, finance and accounting for the MFE for the MBA.

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    Major Field Exam - Sample Test

    Sample test

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