Managerial Accounting - Cost Concepts

Overall concepts and terminology of cost accounting concepts for

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    Managerial Accounting - Basic Cost Concepts

    An accounting system measures costs which are later used for a number of purposes such as: (i) profit determination, (ii) performance evaluation, (iii) inventory valuation and (iv) cost control. It is, therefore, very essential to understand what...

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    Managerial Accounting and Cost Concepts

    Introductory chapter to managerial accounting cost terms and concepts.

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    Introduction to Cost and Costing Systems

    Solid introduction to managerial cost accounting concepts and terminology. Good refresher for those with a base understanding of cost accounting.

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    Cost Behavior Patterns and Implications for Managing a Business

    An overview of cost behavior patterns and implications for managing a business

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    Production Costing Components

    An overview of key production components: direct materials, direct labor, and factory overhead

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