Market Basket

One of the coolest stories on the nexus of contracts I have seen.

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    The Right Lessons of a Supermarket War

    Now that the Market Basket fight is over, many a journalist in New England and beyond can look back on the family grocery war as one of the most interesting stories of their careers, which they reduced to banality. It may be heartwarming to think of workers rallying to save Arthur T.

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    Fierce loyalty, historic triumph at Market Basket - The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

    "Without a union, supermarket workers, management and customers pull off a boycott destined to be a labor history landmark. A combination of principle and self-interest motivated Market Basket employees to mount one of the most effective and unusual boycott efforts in supermarket history."

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    POV: Market Basket "Victory" May Be an Illusion | BU Today | Boston University

    There are lessons to be learned from this "business tragedy" The world loves stories of "the good" overcoming "the bad," perhaps because they are so infrequent. Such a story played out this summer in New England, with the near-collapse of the Market Basket grocery store chain.

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    The Labor Day lessons of Market Basket | Making Sen$e | PBS NewsHour

    Editor's Note: Longtime friend of Making Sen$e Christopher Mackin, president of Ownership Associates, returns this Labor Day to reflect on the recent reinstatement of beloved Market Basket CEO Arthur T. Demoulas after six weeks of employee protests and customer boycotts against Demoulas' ouster by his rival cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas.

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    Market Basket: the fragile nature of success

    Much has obviously been written already about the Market Basket drama. And, there will be more to come as this soap opera like saga finally plays out. Thankfully, the situation seems to be resolved in the short term, with Arthur T prevailing and buying the company outright from his cousin, Arthur S.

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    NOTE THIS WAS BEFORE SETTLEMENT With jobs on the line, why are Market Basket employees so loyal to Artie T? | Making Sen$e | PBS NewsHour

    With each passing day, New England waits for a smoke signal that the Market Basket board has reached an ownership agreement for their 71-store grocery chain. The latest comes from Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who said Wednesday that he'd spoken with the chair of the Market Basket board, Keith O.

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    Factions in Market Basket battle wage a weekend war of press releases - Boston Business Journal

    When PR agencies go into overdrive for a company on a beautiful summer weekend, it often means that there's a deal getting done. Except that's not what happened this weekend, not with Demoulas Super Markets and the feuding family members who are fighting over the Tewksbury retailer's future.

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    Spirits still upbeat, but aisles empty at local Market Basket stores

    Posted: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 12:00 pm | On Tuesday, shortly after 4 p.m., the Market Basket supermarket in Rindge was devoid of customers. Lisa Covington of New Ipswich walked out the door with a handful of items in a single plastic bag, leaving no customers behind inside.

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    Few shoppers, fewer hours for employees

    No layoffs, but Market Basket part-timers will feel the pain By Jack Minch, Updated: 08/08/2014 07:00:23 AM EDT FITCHBURG -- Market Basket's new CEOs say they are not laying off workers, but that store directors have been told to adjust workers' hours to meet current demand, and that the company hopes to get back to normal business levels soon.

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    Risking it all to save the boss

    Arthur T Demoulas seems to have attended every wedding in the Boston area in the past 15 years. Every funeral too. At least that's the impression you get when asking employees of Market Basket - the chain of more than 70 grocery stores Mr Demoulas ran up until June - why they have been on strike for the past two weeks.

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