Marketing Using FourSquare for Tutors

How to use FourSquare to promote your tutoring business.

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    How Tutoring Companies Can Use FourSquare Specials to Attract Students | Socrato Learning Analytics Blog

    We've talked before about the opportunities that exist for tutors who use local GPS check-in service FourSquare, but a new development in the way that FourSquare supports location-based "specials" may help tutoring companies and centers attract more business, and encourage students to take advantage of tutoring services.

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    How to Build Your Local Tutoring Presence Using FourSquare | Socrato Learning Analytics Blog

    Working remotely has its perks; you can set your own schedule, work from home, and perhaps even grab an extra hour of sleep in the morning in lieu of a morning commute.

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    Manage a business on Foursquare? Download our new app to easily connect with customers right from your phone

    Over a million businesses use Foursquare to connect with their customers using our free tools. But sometimes, when you're running around on the floor, it's hard to hop on a computer and post your latest happenings, like the spring collection that just arrived or your newest menu item.

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