Master Body Language

This assembly of videos is shared with us courtesy of Charisma on Command's Charlie Houpert.

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    What your Body Language says about your Charisma

    Charlie from Charisma on Command gets us started with the basics of body language and why it has been crucial to human evolution. Check out more from Charlie by subscribing to his YouTube channel:

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    What Your Hands Say About You

    See how Chris Evans comes across as more likable and charismatic simply by the way he uses his hands when he speaks. The power of gesticulating can't be underestimated.

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    Exercises to improve your body language

    Body language isn't just born, its also earned! In this short video, Charlie from Charisma on Command shares exercises you can use to improve your posture and presence.

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    Earn Credit For Your Learning

    Earn CLPs and a micro-credential for completing this learning path. Connect with Frank McNally on the Open Global Community to learn more!

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