Math Apps for iPad that are useful in class

During my student teaching sessions, I worked locally with third and fifth grade students. During our math sessions, we utilized an iPad. Here is a collection of apps that we found to be the most effective.

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    Math Snacks

    This app and website are great for students. They offer videos to teach several math topics including ratios, number lines, and scale factors. To go along with the videos are worksheets with practice problems and complete lesson plans for the teachers that align with the Common Core math standards. I have used this app with 5th graders and they enjoyed the "Bad Date" video.

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    MathLands - Kids Logic Game for Math iPad App

    &nbsp;This iPad app&nbsp;offers access to 6 different math, logic, and puzzle games.&nbsp;<br>

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    FlashToPass Free Math Flash Cards iPad App

    <span>FlashToPass Free is an easy-to-use, elegant program designed to facilitate mastering the basic math facts learned in Elementary School.&nbsp;<br></span><br>Basically, children are given math flash cards to test their skills.&nbsp;

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    MathBoard app

    This app provides students a place to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The free version only allows students to practice addition. Purchasing the full version opens activities including find the sign, a memory game, and equality/inequality. The app provides a&nbsp;scratchboard for students to work out the problems.

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    Splash Math

    Splash math is an amazing app for students. There is a different app for each grade at the elementary level. Students can pick what topic they want to practice and answer a certain number of problems correctly to unlock a game. They can pick the difficulty level and do not have to "unlock" the more difficult levels. They are provided with work space to complete problems. The best part is that the&nbsp;teacher&nbsp;is sent a weekly progress report to their email so they can track student progress. There is a free version but I highly recommend purchasing the full version.

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    16 Cool iPad Math Apps Article

    This is a great article to show even more math iPad apps to use.&nbsp;<br><br>Did you know that there are over 4000 "maths" iPad apps on the market? If you're a typical iPad owner with kids, it's almost certain that your children have made it a full time mission to take control of your fragile tablet, firstly by using it at every available opportunity and then by packing it full of wall to wall games.

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    MathBoard iPad App

    MathBoard is a highly configurable math app appropriate for all school aged children. Beginning in kindergarten, with simple addition and subtraction problems, through elementary school where learning multiplication and division can be a real challenge. MathBoard will allow you to configure the app to best match the abilities of your individual child/student.<br><br>More than just standard drills, MathBoard encourages students to actually solve problems, and not just guess at answers. This is done by providing multiple answer styles, as well as a scratchboard area where problems can be worked out by hand. Students can also turn to MathBoard's Problem Solver for further help. This powerful teaching feature walks students through the steps required to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division equations. Additionally, the included quick reference tables serve as a valuable learning tool.<br>

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