MGT 413 Spring 2014 Toolset

This toolset includes the syllabus, the schedule, quizzes, and links to the other toolsets.

  1. MGT 413 01 02 Spring 2014 syllabus

    This is the syllabus. Remember that I have right to change this syllabus throughout the semester.

  2. Business Policy Shelf

    These are all the toolsets you will need for this semester.

  3. WH Quiz Ch 1

    Basic Concepts of Strategic Management

  4. WH Quiz Ch. 2

    Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

  5. Technology Test

    Helpified, Popplet, Google Docs, Evernote, Trello

  6. Technology Signups

    For this class you must find two web based business applications. You must then research the application and be practiced enough to crea...

  7. Zero budget marketing

    Zero Budget Marketing for a Bootstrapped SaaS Startup in India.

  8. 15.6 MB

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