Missing Malaysia Airlines flight

Flight 370 went missing March 8, and authorities still aren't exactly sure what happened.

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    Jet Disappearance Hits Record as Search Widens

    Start here to get a basic understanding of what is going on. 

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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Missing plane search timeline

    This updated timeline shows what has happened since the plane went missing.

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    What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

    This link features a series of maps that show the known route of Flight 370 and where the plane might be now. 

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    9 theories surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

    From a terrorist hijacking to alien abduction, these are some of the theories circulating about what happening to Flight 370. 

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    What do we actually know about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

    This blog post explains why the plane's disappearance is such a mystery. 

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    Could Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have slipped by radar?

    This video discusses authorities searching the homes of the pilot and co-pilot. 

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    Missing Malaysia Airlines plane -- what has incident has taught terrorists?

    No matter what happened to the plane, this blog argues that terrorist will learn from the incident and use this knowledge to plan future attacks. 

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    Girlfriend of Malaysia Airlines co-pilot is ‘pillar of strength’ for missing fiancé’s family

    Read this article to get a glimpse of what it is like for someone who has a loved one aboard Flight 370. 

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