Money Unit

This toolset offers a variety of resources including websites, video, worksheets all about money.

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    Learn about Money for Kids | Grades K - 5 |

    Learn about Money for Kids | Grades K - 5

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    Kids Money Games Online - Learn about Money with Free Interactive Activities

    Learn how money works with a range of free interactive games and activities that kids will love. Teachers will find excellent activities and practice exercises related to coins, prices, spending money, shopping and more. Open a lemonade stand, start a coffee shop, count coins, run a farm and enjoy all kinds of fun online games that will help kids learn about money.

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    ABCya! Learn to Count Money

    ABCya! Learn to Count Money | Children practice counting money by clicking and dragging bills and coins into a box. A correct answer earns a fish for the fish bowl. The activity progressively becomes more difficult as children progress.

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    Show Me the Money- (children's coin song by Jack Hartmann)

    Show Me the Money Song by: Jack Hartmann Video by: Mr. Harry Identifying the basic U.S. coins, plus recognizing: 5 pennies make a nickel; 2 nickels make a dime; 2 dimes and a nickel make a quarter Enjoy!

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    Currency Game | Counting Money Game for Kids

    K (5-6 yrs) Counting Coins is an educational math game for kids. It is designed to teach children to recognize US currency and count money. In this, kids will become familiar with quarters, dimes, nickels and cents, and their respective values. Through a simple addition exercise, they will learn how to add coins and count money.

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    Money Games

    These free online money games will help children with coin recognition, counting, adding and working out change. The money games on this page are suitable for children in Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Further down the page you will find some great sites for parents on family finance.

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    Money Pinterest

    Here is a website document that gives different ideas to use in the classroom to teach money. 

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    Johnnie's Math Page - The Best Math for Kids and their Teachers -Hundreds of Interactive Math Tools, Math Activities, and Math Games

    Math for kids and their teachers. Interactive math lessons, activities, math games, and free math worksheets for kindergarten through middle school students.

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