Note taking strategies

Here are some tips to help you take notes more effectively. These strategies will help keep your notebook neat and organized.

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    Danza Kuduro Tutorial

    Students will watch the video to learn the steps to the dance. Half of the class can take notes, the other can only watch and listen. At the end of the video talk to the class and see which half could remember the most moves. If you have an ambitious class, you could even have a dance-off to see which side remembers the most moves!

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    Note-taking PowerPoint

    This powerpoint describes the different note-taking strategies and shows what they look like. It also includes tips for successful note-taking. 

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    Examples of note taking strategies

    This document has links to several different note taking styles. You can see what each strategy looks like and find one that may help you better organize your notes.

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    Rocky Flats worker Judy Padilla Part 1

    Part 1of 5. Judy Padilla tells her story of working at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant from 1982 to 2005. Visit for more interviews and information. Students will watch the video and take notes using one of the strategies they learned. Students will discuss what they do or don't like about the strategies.

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    Note Taking Techniques, Note Taking Tips, Note Taking Strategies

    This page contains useful note taking techniques, tips, and strategies. They have suggestions for effective note taking in class.

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