Nuts & Bolts of Lesson Planning

Lesson plans are the foundations of good teaching - they the "bones" of your lesson, what gives your activities organization and structure. While lesson plan formats may vary depending on a school district's requirements, there are essential elements that remain universal. Browse through these ideas to plan your way to success!

  1. Start with the Objective

    Think you startplanningby brainstorming an introductary activity?Think again! Identifying your objective FIRST can make your entire lesso...

  2. Pick an Assessment that Matches your Objectives

    Now that you know WHAT you would like your students to know (the objective), it is time to select HOW you know they've gain that knowledg...

  3. Classroom Activities

    Now that you have the core of your plan thought out, it's time to plan activities! Depending on your subject, grade level,and what's best...

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