Obama supports marijuana legalization

President Obama said in an interview with The New Yorker that he supports Colorado and Washington in legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana.

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    Obama Runs Marijuana Up the Flagpole

    Start here to find out what exactly the President said and what consequences this could have.

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    Obama nudges the ball forward on marijuana

    After explaining Obama's New Yorker interview, this article explains the potential political advantages of supporting the legalization of marijuana.

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    David Remnick: On and Off the Road with Barack Obama

    The full article that appear in The New Yorker can be found here. Obama's comments about marijuana can be found on page 9.

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    For First Time, Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana

    This Gallup Poll shows that the majority of American's support legalizing marijuana. 

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    Patrick Kennedy to President Obama: Pot has changed

    Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy responds to Obama's message about pot by saying that the drug a changed significantly since Obama's youth.

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    Taking a hit: Anti-drug groups rebuke Obama over marijuana remarks

    This article discusses groups that disagree with Obama's remarks.

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    Is marijuana as safe as, or safer than, alcohol? | KSL.com

    Learn more about the health risks associated with marijuana.

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    Obama lights up debate on pot vs. alcohol: Opinionline

    Read the comments of various bloggers and journalists in response to Obama's New Yorker article.

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    Polis Extends Colorado Cannabis Invite to Obama, Reid

    Colorado Rep. Jared Polis is another politician who supports the legalization of marijuana.

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    Obama's position on marijuana "hasn't changed," W.H. says

    Here is a video of the White House's statement explaining Obama's comments in The New Yorker.

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