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    3 Ways Apple Actually Innovates

    Good timing and shrewd planning have played as much of a role as innovative thinking for the Silicon Valley juggernaut.

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    This Is Why You Pay Your Taxes

    Flying into a rage over taxes is an American birthright. Two-hundred and forty years and two world wars later, Americans are still demanding answers to tough tax questions. Who is bearing the brunt of the tax burden? Am I getting as much out of government spending as I'm paying in? And where are all these tax dollars going, anyway?

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    The Business of Fast Fashion

    'Fast Fashion' refers to clothing and accessories that are designed to reflect current industry trends, yet produced using less expensive materials to ensure a low price tag. The Fast Fashion trend has also led to environmental concerns.

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    The Business Of Guns

    The firearms industry generates roughly $32 billion in revenue every year, $10 billion more than the Ford Motor Company -- and employs 98,000 people, five times more than Google Inc.

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    In Defense of the Wall Street Bonus

    It's one thing to oppose the high overall salaries of Wall Street employees -- arguably many of them are overpaid. But reducing bonus checks won't actually change anything.

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    How To Fund a Startup

    Most entrepreneurs will admit that innovation is merely one of the key factors behind launching a successful startup. Shrewd timing and sheer luck, particularly where venture capitalists and investors are concerned, are also crucial to new companies. Here are the general five phases of startup funding as far as venture capitalists are concerned.

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    How Successful Startups Hire

    How do you successfully staff a startup? We take a look into some key points that some startups have used to succeed and complete such a huge task.

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    5 Surprising Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

    Did you know that people with ADHD are 300% more likely to start their own business? Check it out and see if you share some of the traits!

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