Organic Twitter Growth for your Brand

Social Media can be a tricky discipline, especially if you're a newbie. Most people understand how Facebook and Twitter work -- but mastering them to effectively draw people to your brand (either business or personal) is what separates the regular from the elite.

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    How to Build a Strong Brand Presence on Twitter

    Lately, Twitter has been an ever-evolving monster; between fake celebrity accounts and bots, the lines have become blurred between reality and virtual (when it comes to accounts). But if you've mastered the basics of Twitter, this resource gives good pointers on how to avoid being another face in the crowd.&nbsp; <br> Organic social media growth -- although much slower -- will get you the results you want in the long run. Would you buy 70,000 instant followers and look fake? You might, but it's not a good move. Building a strong brand presence on Twitter requires patience and dedication.

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    3 Ways to Generate a Strong Twitter Presence -

    One of the things that's been resonating across a majority of the sites I'm choosing for resources is that&nbsp;<b>quality &gt; quantity</b>. Your followers don't want you to blow their feeds up (you know how annoyed you get when someone you follow tweets every 6 minutes? Exactly.) If you want to grow your presence, showing up constantly won't do it. People are going to unfollow you!&nbsp;<br><br>However, tweeting things that people are actually&nbsp;<i>going to care about</i> is what will get you noticed. You have 140 characters -- albeit, not much -- but you can get your message across. Make it count.&nbsp;

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    50 Powerful Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

    This might be the best resource I've stumbled upon. <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">@Garin</a>&nbsp;lays out 50 super effective steps to get your Twitter follower count up. A lot of them will come as common sense to experienced Twitter users (hashtags, linking your handle in your email signature, etc.) but others are things I never would have thought of.&nbsp;<br><br>If any of you have blogs, this is a really good resource. If you haven't already, you should put a follow button in one of your sidebars, in your posts and pretty much all over your site. Keep it top of mind! Strong writing in blog posts will keep people wanting more, which in turn will get you more followers.&nbsp;

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    Being Responsive Gains Twitter Followers: And Other Lessons from @GaryVee's Twitter Data

    Responsive! This might be one of the most important aspects of building your Twitter presence. If you write a blog post that someone really likes, they'll either a. comment on your blog or b. throw you a shout out on Twitter. If that happens,&nbsp;<b>respond.</b> There is nothing someone likes more than getting a response from someone they reached out to. It doesn't have to be anything special, but a <br><br>"hey, thanks for reading, I appreciate it! stay tuned, more coming"&nbsp;<br><br>will go way farther than ignoring that person. Even if the tweet is negative, respond (positively) anyway. That person will probably be so stoked on the response, they might retweet it. Which will show all of their followers, which will draw more people to you.&nbsp;

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    Twitter Analytics: Visualization

    This one comes from Garin again. Understand Twitter analytics can be tough for even the most experienced user. Deciphering this information is one thing. But then you must take that information and use it to effectively change what you're doing and make your presence stronger.&nbsp;

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