PE (Private Equity) and IPO

Private equity is now a huge part of the financing of firms, but many firms do still go public.

  1. EY - Private equity, public exits - 2015 year-end

    Global IPO activity declined strongly in 2015, and PE-backed deals were hit the hardest. But strategic acquisitions and follow-on activit...

  2. Jay R. Ritter

    SIMPLY THE BEST! Information on IPOs, (IPO Statistics for 2015 and Earlier Years,) contains updated tables of interest to instructors,...

  3. Why fewer companies are going public with IPOs

    The Dollar Shave Club, which started with a viral video, recently sold for $1 billion. Not through an IPO, in which a company sells share...

  4. Westwicke Partners

    Westwicke Partners has a great infographic on page 14 that shows the time line of IPOs

  5. The IPO Process

    This is VERY well done!!! Class about the IPO process

  6. Why I.P.O.'s Get Underpriced

    The debate over the pricing of initial public offerings has been vigorous. In his op-ed column in The New York Times, Joe Nocera wrote on...

  7. There's no Such Thing as an "Overpriced IPO"

    Okay, that headline might be a little much. But I've been reading a number of articles in recent days about how evil banks and corporatio...

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