Performing Market Research to Sell Your Artwork Online

In order to find the right customers to sell your artwork to, you need to do research! This is a key step that many people don't give enough attention to. Use the Internet and your competitors to your advantage.

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    How to Researching Your Online Art Market

    This video will walk you through some effective tactics on how to research your online market as an artist.

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    How to Sell Art Online: Case Study

    There's a saying in marketing: "There are riches in niches." If you want to successfully sell art online, your goal is to correctly identify, target and dominate a specific niche. What is a niche? A niche is simply a group of people who share a common interest or a common set of characteristics.

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    Market Research for Artists - How to Sell More Art

    Here is some advice on how to get your art out to a wider range of people.

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    Build Your Own Creative Business: Identify Your Ideal Customer {Day 22}

    This blogger offers tips on how to find the perfect people who want to buy your art.

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    Resources |

    This is an organization dedicated to helping artists market their work. They have a wide variety of materials to help you market your work.

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    Finding Your Audience

    This chapter out of an E-book will help you with looking at the market to find buyers who will be interested in your work.

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