Planning Your Day For Productivity

It is difficult to be productive if you always do things in the moment and don't think ahead about what you want/need to accomplish. Complete this path to learn some great ways to plan you days so that you can have more success being productive.

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    How to Plan Your Week: 4 Steps to Productivity

    Begin your journey to productivity by first looking at how you can plan your week for success. These four steps will help you create an outline of what you want to accomplish throughout the week and what the priority level is for each of the tasks you wish to accomplish.

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    6 Reasons Why Making a Daily Plan Will Increase Your Productivity - The Sqwiggle Blog | Our Thoughts on Remote Working

    If you are still hesitant about planning out your day, perhaps because you are an on the fly type of person, here are 6 reasons why making a daily plan will make you more productive. While you may still not be a fan of structuring your day, hopefully you will find these ideas helpful and start creating a basic outline to help keep you focused and on track to meeting all of your goals and deadlines (not at the last minute).

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    What's Your Frog?

    Ok, you're trying to figure out what frogs have to do with productivity. It all has to do with Mark Twain's famous words, "Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day." The idea is that you should do the task you want to do the least (and that you're most likely to procrastinate doing) first thing in the morning. Your day will only be easier once you get that "frog" task out of the way.

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    Wunderlist - Productivity App

    If you are all about making a daily plan and are constantly using technology (smartphone or computer), check out Wunderlist. This app allows you to create lists and organize your day. You can also share the information with others and collaborate on lists, great for working on a project with a co-worker.

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