Pricing your Artwork

This is always an important discussion with lots of different viewpoints. If you want to sell your artwork you need a solid pricing strategy and rationale.

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    How to Price Your Artwork

    This is a video by Cedar Ledar (from Art by Cedar) explaining some pointers on pricing.

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    5 Art Pricing Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

    Simple but sound advice on pricing your artwork based on Melissa Dinwiddie's experiences.

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    What is the Value of Your Art?

    An article on how to start creating valuations for your artwork.

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    Price Your Art Realistically-- Set Sensible Art Prices

    This article provides advice on how to realistically price your artwork.

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    7 Ways to Price a Painting

    Getting a painting to the stage where you're satisfied with it is hard, but putting a price to it can be even harder. Here are 7 different ways that you can price your artwork.

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    A Simple Formula for Pricing Artwork

    Here is a formula that an artist uses to price her paintings. It's simple but could be help you get an idea of where to start pricing your work.

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    How to price your artwork

    Kansas CIty Art Institute wrote this article about how you can determine a fair price for your work.

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